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Conductor did obscene act with woman in moving bus.

Navi Mumbai (Pers.), A bus conductor in Raigad had an objectionable incident with a woman in a moving bus going from Panvel to Roha

It was night time. On the way near Pen, the conductor did obscene act with the woman. This incident has created panic in the entire area. The name of the accused is SB Shinde. A case has been registered against the accused at Pen police station. According to the information received, the victim woman was traveling in a bus from Panvel to Roha. She was going from Panvel to Pen. take advantage of the night

The conductor was repeatedly trying to touch the victim’s body in a wrong way. The victim has committed an act. When this incident shocked the New Mumbai conductor, he started doing this even more openly. After that just near pen

1 case registered

When she came, the accused came down to bestiality and started doing obscene acts by showing his private part. In this case, a case has been registered against the accused conductor SB Shinde at Pen police station. The incident is being inquired in detail. The whole point is that it has been increased.

That a woman boarded a bus from Panvel to Roha and took a ticket to Pen. He got a seat next to the conductor. When it started getting dark and night time came and the bus picked up speed, the conductor came down to his reality. He slowly started touching the woman’s parts. For the first second time the woman felt that there must have been a mistake. But as soon as the woman realized that he was doing this intentionally, the woman reacted. After this, instead of remaining silent, the conductor showed his antics.

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