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Dead bodies of the same family found in the river in Pune

Pune (Agency), Sensation spread in the area after the bodies of seven people of the same family were found in Pune. According to the police, prima facie it appears to be a case of suicide due to financial constraints. The police is investigating the matter

The case pertains to Pargaon of Daund taluka of Pune district. The bodies of four family members were found here on Monday from the Bhima river. Tuesday afternoon during the search in the river

The bodies of three more children of the family were found. The dead include 50-year-old men to 3-year-old children. According to the police, the dead were Mohan Uttam Pawar (50), Sangeeta Mohan Pawar (45), his son-in-law Shamrao Pandit Phulvare (32), his wife Rani Shamrao Phulvare (27), Shamrao Phulvare’s son Ritesh Shamrao Phulvare (7), Chhotu Shamrao Phulvare. (5) and Shamrao Phulvare (5) and Krishna (3) have been identified. told
went fishing in that river

During the rescue, the fishermen first found the body of a woman. On this information, the police conducted a search in the river with the help of divers and bodies of other people were also found. Police have sent the dead bodies for postmortem. Pune Rural Police is probing the matter. People in the surrounding areas are being questioned. The police is investigating the matter READ MORE

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