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Mumbai’s air is more toxic than Delhi’s

IMG CREDIT : unsplash

Mumbai (Agency), Mumbai’s air has become poisonous. Due to this people are facing many health problems.

People are facing problems of cold, cough, sore throat. Facing difficulties in breathing. Feels like suffocating. Mumbai’s air quality index has been recorded worse than Delhi for the sixth consecutive day. This air quality index (AQI) of Mumbai has crossed 300. AQI of Mumbai was recorded at 319.

The wind speed has reduced due to poor air quality. Due to this, the air quality of the southern and central parts has also been recorded as poor. So far, no specific measures have been taken by the state government or the municipal administration to correct the falling air quality of Mumbai. On Friday, January 20, Union Minister Bhupendra Patel reached Chief Minister Eknath Shinde’s official bungalow ‘Varsha’ in Mumbai to discuss in this regard.

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